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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

‘Eat your crusts’

Emma Rigby is a Doncaster Designer that will be showcasing her sustainable fashion collection at Doncaster Fashion Week 2019.

‘Eat your crusts’, is a printed textiles collection aimed at fun and fiesty girls aged between 21-30.

The collection explores the strange place in our lives when we are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Inspired by the naïve and openness of a child’s mind, the collection uses the fantastical and surreal nature of children’s story book illustrations, contrasting with the simplicity of menial and boring every day adult tasks to create a juxtaposition of the two. Whether it be a giraffe doing the laundry or a leopard carrying out the weekly food shop, the collection will narrate the story of this grey area in our lives through vibrant and striking prints to a fantasy world of adult and childlike fiction.

The garments combine traditional screen printing methods with waste plastics to create sustainable water resistant printed surface designs. The collection playshomage to being a little bit silly, having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously, however grown up you are.

Instagram: riggleprint

Email: emma.laura.rigby@gmail.com


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