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Doncaster Fashion Week


Womenswear textile and fashion designer


‘Eat your crusts’ 

‘Eat your crusts’,is a printed textiles collection aimed at fun and fiesty girls aged between 21-30. The collection explores the strange place in our lives when we are stuck between childhood and adulthood. Inspired by the naïve and openness of a child’s mind, the collection uses the fantastical and surreal nature of children’s story book illustrations, contrasting with the simplicity of menial and boring every day adult tasks to create a juxtaposition of the two. Whether it be a giraffe doing the laundry or a leopard carrying out the weekly food shop, the collection will narrate the story of this grey area in our lives through vibrant and striking prints to a fantasy world of adult and childlike fiction. The garments combine traditional screen printing methods with waste plastics to create sustainable water resistant printed surface designs. The collection playshomage to being a little bit silly, having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously, however grown up you are.

Email: emma.laura.rigby@gmail.com

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Doncaster Fashion Week


Menswear textile and fashion designer


‘Rude Boy Ska’

This collection is based on how Ska music combines elements of Caribbean mento and calypso with American jazz and rhythm and blues. It is characterized by a walking bass line accented with rhythms on the off-beat.Ska music has been familiar to me since my childhood, my parents would play bands like Madness, Bad Manners and The Selectors when growing up. Ska originally started in Coventry in the U.K. and later became popularised throughout the U.K. from the Notting Hill riots for equal right and ‘Rock Against the Races’ moments which became key concepts images for my project. 


Focusing on Two-Tone Ska in Camden Town, London as this is where my parents discovered the genre of music. Two-Tone Ska has visuals of black and white checkerboard print. Wearing the checkerboard print represented the interracial love of races which I wanted to show my take on this. This was done through using Bad Manners “Lip Up” album cover for prints.   


My approach for this project was to take influence from nostalgic themes from Ska music and contemporizes them for my collection. As I wanted to use silhouettes that enhanced the view of my prints which meant I consider the idea of clean cut silhouettes with strong structure details. As the checkerboard print was significant in my researchI adapted this idea by manipulating my digital prints to look like optical illusions. Combining my prints with robust fabrics such a vegan leather led to an updated take on modern ska. 

Email: savannah.m.smith@hotmail.com

Website: www.savannahmsmith.weebly.com

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Doncaster Fashion Week



Womenswear Fashion Brand 


‘Clothe a Woman’

Okwuís_Frocentric is a luxury fashion brand founded in 2017. This fashion brand is a philanthropy venture capital created to showcase the beauty of the woman form as an empowered individual ready to take on a cause against domestic violence. 

 The collection is created from 100% ethically sourced and pure cotton fabrics sourced from local artisans, craftsmen and sellers in Africa to portray the uniqueness and affluence of African culture by integrating this with global values. 

 Our pieces are made from a fusion of “African fabric” integrated with other contemporary fabrics to show unity in the cause against a grievous crime. The profits of this label helps fund a business empowerment scheme (Foster-A-Woman) in Africa aimed at ensuring financial freedom amongst domestic violence survivors while also involving survivors in our production chain. The collection is made up of women’s wear.

Email: okwuisbijoux@yahoo.com

Website: www.myokwui.com

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Doncaster Fashion Week


Menswear Fashion Designer


‘Open the mind of the fashion industry’

I am a newly graduated menswear designer from University of Leeds. My final collection investigates the aesthetics and materials found at industrial construction sites. Silhouettes are inspired by the uniforms and safety equipment of those working in the industry and materials are all taken from an industrial context.

The aim of the collection is to open the mind of the fashion industry to other unconventional fabrics to relieve the strain on traditional fibres.

Email: amylbrog@gmail.com


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Doncaster Fashion Week


Womenswear Textile and Fashion Designer


‘Sustainable and Ethical Fashion’

An eco-conscious London based brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion for a lower impact on the environment. Through the use of innovative materials, our luxury fashion label strives to tackle the issue of waste in the fashion industry and lower the post-consumption impact of our products. All products are designed and created in house.


A graduate designer specialising in innovative fashion construction, the exploration of alternative surface design and manipulated textiles. Continual work to push boundaries and challenge disciplines, forming a strong and extreme aesthetic as an emerging designer.

Email: AshleyRaynor@aol.com

Website: www.designsbyashley.co.uk

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Doncaster Fashion Week


Womenswear Fashion Designer from Rome


‘Costume e Moda’

I’m Benedetta Giunti, I born in Rome the 1995. Since when I was in high school i knew that I wanted to study fashion, so parallel to my scientific studies I started to attend a tailoring course where I learn the basic of pattern and sewing. Straight after the high school I discover Accademia Costume e Moda and incredibly as soon as I enter the building I feel like home. In Accademia I’ve done first a 6 months course of shoes and bags prototyping and then I’ve enrolled in a 3 years degree. In my academic years they help me to find a way to express my self and how to combine my passion and interest with fashion. For this reason all the collection I’ve done are truly influenced by music. In particular my last project “The Contingent”, that has been selected by an international jury and has showcased in AltaRoma, is based on Punk Subculture. 

After taking my degree I’ve been assisting, for six months, in the development of the Costume for an important Italian singer. 

Now I’m working in the leather good design team at Salvatore Ferragamo.

Email: benedetta.giunti@gmail.com

Website: www.notjustalabel.com/benedetta-giunti

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Womenswear Fashion Designer


‘Slow Fashion’

Briar McQue is a print designer from Doncaster, specialising in streetwear. She strongly encourages the notion of sustainable fashion and creating garments and illustrative pieces that represent and support slow fashion garments. As the fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter, Briar believes it is her responsibility to not only make sensible choices within her work but also use her platform to educate others. She does this by working with recycled and organic materials. She keeps certain elements within her final outcomes that clearly demonstrate the use of recycling and reusing in order to start a conversation surrounding sustainability and the issues with the current state of the fashion industry in regard to the environment. She works by approaching her concept by creating fashion from an art perspective; focusing on the meaning behind the form and print and how this can portray a strong message. She is inspired by current events and issues that may need a voice or to be addressed.

Email: briarmcque@hotmail.co.uk 

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Womenswear Fashion Designer


‘Halt Fast Fashion’

I am a Leeds Arts University graduate, with a love of tailoring, and traditional design. My collection is inspired by my mother, a member of cabin crew for prestigious UK airlines for over 35 years and counting, and the most powerful woman I know. My design process focusses on traditional tailoring methods with a focus on femininity and how that can be used as a powerful tool within modern day society. The aim of my collection is to create garments which allow the wearer to feel powerful and strong, but also to halt fast fashion with only having one wardrobe which can be interchangeable for every season and event. Materials used are locally sourced from Yorkshire woolen mills and shops, which are end of rolls or dead stock and would have otherwise gone to landfill allowing for sustainability to also be a focus. 

Email: charlottevhampshire@gmail.com

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Fashion Brand 


‘Simplicity and Genderless’

Started in 2013 Mainly inspired by the 90s homeboystore started as a clothing line that quickly turned into a whole store everything is totally genderless and hand picked by myself I travel the world to look for and select only the best pieces for me comfort and individuality is key style is a way to express yourself fully it’s more than a just line but rather fits and is inspired by my whole lifestyle and that’s where the different “looks” come in but always keeping that simplicity and I’ve seen it work over the years

Email: homeboystorecouture@gmail.com

Website: www.depop.com/homeboystore

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Look 4_edited.jpg


Womenswear Fashion Designer


‘Working Girls’

Jennifer Claire has recently graduated with a First from Plymouth College of Art. Her collection ‘Working Girls’ is inspired by the queer icons of the 80’s and 90’s, such as David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Boy George and Grace Jones. Each of these artists played with, and adapted silhouettes and cuts from both of the stereotypical gender norms. The combination of fabrics reflects the eclectic fashions synonymous with this period. ‘Working Girls’ embodies a fluid narrative between masculine and feminine. 

Throughout the design process Jennifer Claire has integrated the use of biodegradable components, British manufacture and above all traceability. Each garment has an individual QR code, enabling the consumer to access supply chain information and make informed decisions before buying. Each garment’s critical path has been carefully considered to reduce its environmental impact.

Email: jen_moorby@outlook.com

Website: www.jenniferclaire.site

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Brand C.O.C Designer from South Korea


‘The Founder of Robot’

26 years old Jihoo KIM is a Korean designer from Seoul. After studying in Seoul’s Rasara fashion school, she moved to England to incorporate a potential European perspective and variety into her style. 2 years later, after graduating with a degree in Fashion BA from Kingston University, she launched her own brand “C.O.C?” (Cash or Card?). The brand is comprised of experimental shapes with interesting details. “C.O.C ?” pursues unlimited fashion with freedom regardless of gender. Every collection has a fascinating story to understand more about her garments. The concept of this season is ‘The founder of Robot’ called R.U.R with emphasised silhouette and details reminiscent of robot parts. This is about ‘The fight between repair-bots and broken robots that don’t want to be fixed.’ Amongst the six outfits, three of them are symmetrical and the others are asymmetrical and disproportionate to represent the two factions of robots.

Email: jhoo0824@gmail.com

Website: www.jhoo0824.wixsite.com/jihookim

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full outfit threeq shot.jpg



Brand L S S R


‘Functional and Sustainable’

L S S R connects creative design with functionality and sustainability - encouraging consideration for the environment by adopting a lesser way of thinking.  Inspired by the ethos of Brutalism, garments are evolved utilizing zero-waste pattern cutting techniques and sustainable fabrics to achieve innovative and functional clothing that has minimal environmental impact.

Email: jonathanhteasdale@gmail.com

Website: www.artsthread.com/profile/jonathanteasdale

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Photographer: Olivia Ferrara Photography. Model: sul



Genderless Collection

‘Reusable Materials’

I have just graduated from The University of Portsmouth with BA Fashion and Textiles Design (1stClass Hons). My graduate collection, The Last breath, which is showing at Doncaster Fashion week, is a genderless collection that reuses materials that all have a connection with the ocean. I have combined the old life jackets with the sails my grandfather once used as well as the old nautical charts of the Blackwater Estuary he used to navigate the network of saltmarshes and mudflats as inspiration for my digital and hand done prints. On the sails, the metal fittings have been corroded by saltwater demonstrating how time and life eventually pass but the sea and its tides remain resolute. The lung used in lifejackets inflates with every breath exhaled down the breathing tube which gives a sense of survival to the collection.  I presented my work at Graduate Fashion week and was delighted to win the Sports & Leisurewear Award sponsored by Tessuti 2019 as well as being Shortlisted for YKK Accessories Award. I am currently working with the Royal Navy and Marine charity producing prototypes of accessories made from decommissioned life rafts.


Email: UP814646@myport.ac.uk

Wedsite: up814646.wixsite.com/mysite

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Menswear print and fashion designer

‘The Buffalo Collective’

Katie Holmes is a menswear designer who has graduated with a First Class Degree from Nottingham Trent University. 


Katie Holmes’ BA fashion design graduate collection concept started with British rebellion in fashion during the 80’s after a long period of rioting and rebellion in Britain. The Buffalo collective was made up of photographers, designers and artists. The disruptive and radical movement transformed the way that society absorbed fashion with a pioneering style, showing new masculine identities that became one of the most influential of the decade. 


The collection combines digital prints and vinyl graphics with details of reflective printing on both the coat and joggers adding another level of luxury to the streetwear. Katie’s collection contains 12 garments including jersey jumpers of various styles and proportions, large statement puffer coats, relaxed joggers and tailored trousers and she has used jersey waste from joggers and jumpers in the collection to make off-cut hoodies as a recycling strategy. Designing at a high end ready to wear market level has provided her with the freedom to use luxury fabrics and include intricate details and fabric processes that would be realistic for a high end production budget. This offers high quality luxury street style in contemporary menswear with a more quirky nod to the subcultures.


Email: Katiebellaholmes@yahoo.com

Wedsite: www.Katiebella.co.uk

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Womenswear fashion designer from Barcelona 

‘Power of Femininity’

Aura Mulier is a fashion brand from Barcelona. Mulier is a fictional character that

represents an archetype of a strong, independent, sentimental, passionate and

feminine woman. Aura Mulier is inspired by the power of femininity, from a sensitive, sensual and young perspective. Designing for all types of bodies and women, using fashion as a mirror to show the woman you are.


Email: onlylaaura@gmail.com

Wedsite: www.auramulier.com

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Womenswear fashion designer 

‘Love for Colour’

Having a love for colour, Laura-Shannon creates fun and playful pieces that feature a heavy use of embellishment, texture and print. An appreciation for festival culture and it’s judgement-free atmosphere has informed the eccentric aesthetic and silhouettes of her designs within the ‘Make Everyday A Festival’ collection that was featured at Graduate Fashion Week 2019.

The intricate panelling and the hand-sewn sequins, equal with the overall great attention to detail and 3D shape construction of some of the pieces allow the collection to really catch the eye.

Email: lauraxshannon@gmail.com

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Liz 4_edited.jpg


Womenswear fashion designer from Mexico 


I was born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz 25 years ago. From a young age, I knew I’d be a fashion designer, that is why in 2012 I studied two years of the four-year career of BFA Fashion and Textile Design in Academy Of Art University Online. After that I enrolled for the same BFA in Centro, having to move to México City. I graduated with honors as outstanding student last December. My thesis collection is titled Eudaimonia, which means being happy, healthy and prosperous, the human flourishing. Through sustainable fashion, I believe we can create a healthy planet with prosperous soils and happy people and animals. Last June I had the time of my life flying to London to present my Eudaimonia Collection during Graduate Fashion Week. I was selected as a finalist for the International Fashion Award. I love London and am very excited and thrilled to be back for Doncaster Fashion Week.

Another great platform that I was recently invited to is DesignWeek Mexico, where garments from the collection that feature innovative eco textiles will be exhibited at the Tamayo Museum in México City next October. And if it were not October the best month, I will also give a TEDx talk on the 17th.

Email: lgarciaca@centro.edu.mx


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Menswear fashion designer 

‘Men Behaving Badly’

Nottingham Trent University graduate specialising in menswear design. I would describe my style as casual menswear with a sports luxe aesthetic. My collection ‘Men Behaving Badly’ is a line inspired by the 90s era and in particular the casuals subculture surrounding football and laddish behavior. The culture of working class men inspired my development of oversized silhouettes and casual tracksuits. Elements of paisley and flock are combined with the traditional sports visual to create an authentically unique collection. Patterns found on upholstered furniture and wallpapers inside working class 90s homes inspired the process of bonding velvet to tricot to create a devorélike texture. Hints of this pattern show in the outfits through print, texture and casual tailoring pieces. The ‘Men Behaving Badly’comes from the stereotypical 'lad' culture and hooliganism linked to the casuals.


Email: lucywooddesign@gmail.com

Website: www.artsthread.com/profile/lucywood1


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Womenswear and Print Designer

‘Fierce on Ice’

Women’s Sportswear Designer, focusing heavily on print, textile and detail. My collection ‘Fierce on Ice’ dissects women’s Ice Hockey, exploring the whole aesthetic, including the graphics, bold prints and colours, silhouettes, and the players. Incorporating the heritage of Ice Hockey into my concept through the use of colour, highlights it’s birth place, Canada (America). Women were once deemed not strong enough to play Ice Hockey, but fought hard enough to make this ‘male’ sport mixed-sex. The fit of my designs outline the physique of a woman, a woman who is strong, proud, sexy, and rebellious. She can be who she wants to be. She will play a ‘male’ sport, but that will not stop her from being feminine.


Email: mollyhaydockfashion@hotmail.com


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Natalia Tavini COURBE outift 3 & 4 wm_ed


Womenswear Fashion Designer

‘Historical Fashion’

Natalia is a womenswear designer, specialising in; print, embroidery and leatherwork. With a keen interest in historical fashion, she has developed a design style which encompasses the energy and artistry of the past, combined with an ingrained elegance and thoughtfulness – signature of her design style. After undertaking a BTEC Foundation in Art & Design at Manchester School of Art, Natalia was encouraged to enrol on the Fashion Design course at the same University; graduating in 2019 with 1st Class Honours. Natalia is currently working on personal projects for her band ‘Sun, Moon & Talia’, undertaking various internships and building her brand.


Email: talia.tavini@gmail.com

Website: www.nataliatavini.design.blog


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Womenswear Textile and Fashion Designer

‘Altered Perception’

A recent Graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and winner of Graduate Fashion Week’s Tag Your Talent competition, Olivia’s most recent Graduate Collection was showcased at Graduate Fashion Week 2019 in Truman Brewery, London as well as the National Museum of Scotland. The collection was inspired her own artistic family, of which consists of graphic illustrators, fine artists, seamstresses, sculptors and print designers from York. The collection was dedicated to and had a primary focus on her disabled older brothers graphic illustrations, his relationship with colour and how he seems to create art in a visually dependent world despite his visual impairment, acquired ataxia and learning difficulties. The collection takes a sustainable approach to manufacture, with the use of zero waste felts, zero waste off cuts from vinyl companies, Piñatex, recycled and reclaimed felts and materials made from bark trees from Uganda. 


Email: oliviagabraitis@gmail.com

Website: www.oliviagabraitis.com


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Menswear Textile and Fashion Designer

‘Unconventional Silhouettes’

“I seek to extinguish conformism by bringing awareness to our mentalities through the expression of my subconscious visualisations on realism”. 

My design aesthetic aims to create powerful and dominant looks through unconventional silhouettes, merging a military inspired edge with subcultural influences. 

“Nanobot’s in our brain will make us God-Like” [H. Diamandis, 2015]. My collection delves into the future of MRI and 3D brain scanning and the possibility of extrasensory communication with the use of technological devices implanted into our brain cells. Alongside the fusion of traditional military uniform, particularly those of the soldiers conducting long distant journeys on foot. My collection responds to this through vibrant digital prints manipulated from my hand painted responses to MRI scans as well as exploration of unconventional silhouettes inspired through drape.

My designs challenge the everyday expectations on what a man ‘should’ wear, revealing the message that our subconscious is eager to stand out from the pressures to conform in fashion today. 


Email: lula.alberts10@gmail.com


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Womenswear Fashion Designer

‘Multifunctional and Reversible’

The key shape has been inspired by Anthony Caro and his sculpture ‘orpheus 2008-2009, painted steel’. Some if not all the shapes/ garments have been created by folding, twisting and adaptation on the stand.


Each top is an adaptation of the same shape (in the form of patterns) however they have been re-worked in terms of angle, folding and fastening together and the way in which they work on the body.


The top pieces are also sustainable as they can be worn in multiple different ways as well as being reversible due to the lack of seams.


Email: holly.leedham@hotmail.co.uk


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Fashion Designer from USA 

‘A Month Later’

Basie Minus was born in San Antonio, Texas. As a child she was fascinated with the world of fashion and would always keep scrapbooks of inspiration. Basie fell for the charming town of Savannah and creative school of SCAD so she decided to commit to the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015. 


Since visuals within Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining are important to Basie, she decided to go with the idea of Psychosis for her collection- not necessarily insanity but more of the process of what it takes for an individual to become insane- such as the character Jack Nicholson. A MONTH LATER is a collection that appreciates psychosis- this idea of not being able to distinguish what is real from what isn’t. 

“I love the idea of the abnormal and making people feel like they’re in a world of unreality… I appreciate unreality” 


Email: basieminus@gmail.com

Website: www.basieminus.com


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Fashion and Textile Designer 

‘Rate Good’

I’m Emily Davies I am a graduate from De Montfort university and I specialise in womenswear design and styling. My collection was inspired by elementals of my life so I took inspiration from the clothes I wear, my favourite colours, phrases or words I say and also the food I like to eat and where I work. I had so much creative freedom whilst producing my collection that I just had fun with it. The print on my tracksuit is actually chicken labels that I hand drew and changed into star signs. All of the denim was bleached and dyed by myself. I also embroidered patches that said ‘AUP’ or ‘rate good’ these are just funny things that I say that made my collection really personal. I try and make all my work personal to me in some sort of way. 

As well as my collection I have produced a look book which I styled and directed. Both my look book and a couple of garments from the collection were showcased at graduate fashion week 2019 which was a really great experience. 

Since graduating from university I have collaborated with some other graduates and creatives for some fun photo shoots and I have more exciting things lined up!


Email: emilydaviesfshn@hotmail.com


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